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October 2021
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Halloween-ify Your Bathroom With Our Wacky Toilet Seats

Halloween is almost upon us and it’s time to ramp up the scare factor in your home.
Like us, you might be a bit bored of the same old pumpkins and cobwebs. The witches and vampires just don’t have the same scare value as they used to have.
So why not try something a bit different? Give your bathroom a quirky, Halloween feel with our funky toilet seats and toilet seat stickers.

If you’re a fan of monsters, try our scary but cute Pink Monster Toilet Seat.

Pink Monster Toilet Seat

This toilet seat is enough to give you a fright, but is also something different and quirky. It brightens up any bathroom and also avoids any scares from banging toilet seat lids as it has soft-close hinges!

Scare factor: 2/5

Available for £39.95 HERE




If you want something more macabre, try our Cool Skull Toilet Seat.

Cool Skull Toilet Seat

This toilet seat fits the bill for Halloween, but is also cool and funky.

Scare factor: 3/5

Add some cool to your loo with this toilet seat, for only £28.95, available HERE





Our scariest toilet seat has to be… the ‘Let Me Out’ lidstik.

'Let Me Out' Lidstick

This Lidstik sticks easily onto any toilet seat lid, to give the impression that you have someone trapped in your loo!

This fun and quirky Lidstik is sure to give anyone a fright – followed by a laugh!

Scare factor: 5/5

Available for only £13.95 HERE