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July 2020
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Who Wins in the Battle of Black vs White Bathrooms?

Monochrome is very on trend at the moment, meaning that you want to be styling your bathroom in blacks and whites.
But which is trendier for your bathroom – black or white?
Let’s look at why both colours are great for styling bathrooms.


A white bathroom always seems like a clean bathroom. Some may see white as being clinical, but if you want your bathroom to seem spotless then it’s the right way to go.

White can also open up a space to make it seem larger than it really is.

Additionally, white makes your bathroom look brighter and lighter, reflecting any natural light.

Try some of our trendy accessories to create a clean, white bathroom.

Our Giotto bath mat in white is a modern accessory for your bathroom and is available for £32 HERE.

Giotto Bath Mat

Giotto Bath Mat

Our Kent toilet brush in white is also available HERE and to finish off your bathroom with some elegance, go for our Jamila set of freestanding bathroom accessories, available for £58 HERE.


If you’re willing to take a risk, the decision to style your bathroom in black will definitely pay off.

Black creates the illusion of having an expensive, bespoke bathroom.

Black, whilst not opening up a room and making it feel spacious, stops it from feeling too open and empty.

Black is not as common as white, so will make people remember your bathroom.

All in all, although it might not be as practical, if you’re willing to try it, we think that black can be much more effective than white.

For an opulent bathroom, try our Aqua Diamante black shower curtain, available for only £10,99 HERE.

Our Twist bathroom accessory set is also elegant and luxurious, and can transform your bathroom for just £125 – available HERE.

Twist Bathroom Accessory Set

Twist Bathroom Accessory Set

Our Paris Toilet seat also adds a touch of class to your bathroom in an unexpected way, available for £32.25 HERE.

Paris Toilet Seat

Paris Toilet Seat

We are definitely in favour of black.
A combination of black and white is also perfect, but if you’re going to be bold and focus on one colour, go for black for style and opulence.