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January 2020
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Luxury Home Design with a Contemporary Twist

luxury candelabras


When thinking about luxury home design, images of vintage furniture that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Downton Abbey often spring to mind. However, with our huge range of products, it is possible to bring designer home accessories into your home with a funky, contemporary edge.
Take our floor standing candelabras for example. You might think that something like this belongs in a cold stately home, but our range of designer silver plated candelabras gives every modern home that luxury feel. Butler not included.
But why stop there? From kitchen accessories including our bold range of storage canisters and boxes, and dish racks that will liven up any washing up job, to our shower accessories that will bring a cool, chic look to your bathroom, we have designer home accessories for every room in the house.
The idea of luxury home design is very subjective. We’re passionate about our products, and strive to bring that designer feel to every home. Our products cover every finish imaginable to suit every taste, from cool metals and warm woods, to bright, funky colours and chic, subtle neutrals. We’ve got something for everyone.
We haven’t forgotten the kids either. We have a whole range of products dedicated to your little pride and joys. Any aspiring designers will surely appreciate our bright, fun range of toys, as well as our range of designer accessories to bring luxury to the kid’s bedroom.
We’re sure that you’ll find a whole range of must haves on our site. Now all you need is somewhere to keep them all, and we’ve got that covered as well. We have an assortment of contemporary storage solutions, from our floor standing features to our wall mounted shelving, which will show off your ultrachic, designer home accessories without taking away from the newly-found extravagant feeling of your home.