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October 2021
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World’s Best Granola

Our digital marketing assistant, Lydia Aaronson, has cooked up a delicious batch of homemade granola which we simply love.
It’s sweet, nutty, healthy, and looks fabulous in our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar!
Take a look:

Lydia's Granola in our Glass Storage Jar

Lydia’s Granola in our Glass Storage Jar

The ingredients that Lydia used were:

2 parts oats
1 part spelt flakes
1 part brown rice flakes
1 part mixed nuts and seeds of your choice (this granola contains pecans, hazelnuts, flaked almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
1/2 part melted coconut oil
1/2 part maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of salt
Handful of dried cranberries (or dried fruit of your choice)

To make the granola, simply mix up all the ingredients (apart from the dried fruit), bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 mins, mixing the granola halfway. Leave to cool and then add the dried fruit at the end.

It's hard to resist sneaking a taste whilst the granola is cooling down!

It’s hard to resist sneaking a taste whilst the granola is cooling down!

This recipe is so easy and is one of the best granolas that we have eaten. It makes for a really delicious breakfast or snack. It is also packed full of fibre, and low on saturated fat, salt and sugar. Lydia recommends pairing with some natural yoghurt and topping with berries.

Lydia's granola topped with berries. We promise there is some yoghurt hiding under there too!

Lydia’s granola topped with berries. We promise there is some yoghurt hiding under there too!

The best part of all is how pretty the granola looks in our storage jar. It is the perfect homely touch to any kitchen.

If you’d like to make your own version of Lydia’s granola, click on this LINK to our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar, which  looks fab when filled with the granola.

Our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar is excellent value at only £7.50!

Our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar is excellent value at only £7.50!


Spring Pastels

Pantone colours of the year for 2016 are Rose Quartz – a pale, chalky pink – and Serenity – a tranquil blue.  

Rose Quartz and Serenity
(Courtesy of

Although these colours have been named as on trend for 2016, we think that they are ideal for Spring 2016 as they are so calm and serene.

The tranquillity of these colours makes them perfect for a peaceful meal in the Spring sunshine, as they create a warm, calming ambience.

These two colours are great to bring into the dining room for lazy brunches, afternoon teas, and light Spring dinners.


Try our LSA Polka Pastel coloured wine glasses (4 for £29.95).

LSA Polka Pastel Wine Glasses

LSA Polka Pastel Coloured Wine Glasses

LSA is great for this trend, as their Mimi vases also add beautiful pastel hues to the dining table (£10 each).


LSA Mimi Vase – Pink

LSA Mini Vase - Blue

LSA Mini Vase – Blue

Our Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray also combines Rose Quartz and Serenity, and is the perfect addition to any Springtime picnic or afternoon tea (£7.50).

Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray

Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray


Give these pastel colours a go this Spring!






LSA Polka pastel coloured wine glasses (4), £29.95

Happy Chinese New Year!

This Chinese New Year, we can’t stop thinking about a dreamy mug of Chinese jasmine tea.

That’s why we’re featuring our set of 2 Stoneware Mugs as today’s featured product.

For only £12.50, these co-ordinating black and neutral coloured mugs are decorated with a contemporary tree design with a trendy, oriental style.

They are simply perfect if you fancy sipping down some tea this Chinese New Year.

In fact, when we were doing our research, we found out some pretty cool facts about Chinese jasmine tea…

  • Did you know that during the Song Dynasty, Jasmine tea was mainly reserved for royalty?
  • Jasmine tea reduces risk of heart attack and lowers cholesterol
  • Jasmine tea can prevent diabetes and cancer
  • Jasmine tea can ease joint and muscle pain
  • Jasmine tea is proven to reduce stress!

So de-stress this Chinese New Year, with some hot Chinese jasmine tea in a trendy new mug.

Set of 2 Stoneware mugs. By Galzone of Denmark

Set of 2 Stoneware mugs.
By Galzone of Denmark

Buy them HERE.

Why your Herbs really are the Secret Ingredient

The Herby Brothers herb chopper isn’t just an adorable addition to your kitchen, but could be the key to a better life.

Herby brothers herb chopper

Herby brothers herb chopper

According to Best Health Magazine, the simple addition of a few herbs to our meals can give us 5 key health benefits.

1. The chemicals in ROSEMARY have been linked to faster and  more accurate cognitive performance.

2.  The chemical apigenin, found in PARSLEY, has been proven to prevent the growth of cancerous tumours in the body.

3. PEPPERMINT has been found to sooth the stomach.

4. The active ingredient in OREGANO can reduce inflammation in the body.

5. THYME is a definite superherb, containing antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.

Thanks Best Health – you’ve enlightened us!

So how can we add more herbs to our diet?

To start, we find the easiest way to cook with more fresh herbs is to grow them yourself. For only a few pounds, grab yourself a herb pot which can sit on your kitchen windowsill and then you’ll never be short of herbs again! Or if you’re not the keenest gardener, then dried herbs can also do the trick and can stay in your cupboard for months.

Salad. We find that a sprinkle of herbs can go a long way in your salad, upping not just the nutritional content but the flavour.

Juice. If you’re into making juice, why not throw some herbs in. A healthy green juice can be made even better with a sprig of parsley or whatever herbs you fancy.

Ice cubes. Freezing your herbs in ice cubes is a great way to preserve them and they can be easily added when making a sauce or stew or soup.

Butter. Mixing herbs in with butter is a delicious way to add flavour and nutrition to your meals. Just rub the herb butter onto chicken or fish and you’ve got an easy, scrummy meal.

Tabbouleh - one of our favourite herby salads (Photo courtesy of

Tabbouleh – one of our favourite herby salads
(Photo courtesy of

So go and get creative with your herbs! And let us know your favourite herby recipes, tips or tricks.

And check out the Herby Brothers herb chopper HERE if you haven’t already, for quick and easy chopped herbs.

The Breakfast Club: A Review by Ziggiziggi

This morning we took ourselves to The Breakfast Club on Southwark St for a treat of Friday brunch… and a treat it was!

From the second we stepped through the door, we were immersed in a quirky, eccentric American diner-type setting. From the funky pineapple-shaped lamp lighting our table, to the music that made us want to twist and shout, the whole place had a buzzing atmosphere.

We enjoyed the poached egg with avocado and chilli, and the pancakes with berries, maple syrup and bacon. The food was mouthwatering and put a smile on our faces. We couldn’t quite stomach the ‘Full Monty’ today but we will certainly be back again to try it! The Breakfast Club, you’ve certainly got Ziggiziggi’s approval.

Pancakes with berries, maple syrup and bacon - deliciously good!

Pancakes with berries, maple syrup and bacon – deliciously good!

We can certainly add The Breakfast Club to our list of favourites.

We loved the latte art and the brightly coloured mugs which our coffees came in too! Check out our own retro mugs HERE if you’re also nuts about coffee like the Ziggiziggi team are.

So where is your favourite breakfast or brunch spot? Comment below and share your best foodie experiences.

Our Favourite Cheese Combos

Our Clare Mackie cheese platter can create the perfect finishing touch for any dinner party, so inspired by our ‘The Cheese Board’ platter and knife, we’ve decided to write an article celebrating cheese. If the thought of cheese, biscuits, fruits, and chutneys makes you feel all gooey inside, then you’ll probably want to read this. For the real cheesy fans out there, cheeseboards are only the beginning. There are endless ways to enjoy our creamy, salty, tangy, delicious, melty, gooey, crumbly, dairy friend (okay, we like cheese). So read on for our top cheesy combos – all of which can be found on the product page for the Clare Mackie cheese platter and knife – click HERE to have a look.


Cheddar – Apple

Cheddar and apple are a timeless pair seen on many a cheeseboard. But if you’re a little adventurous, you can try it out in quirky recipes such as a grilled cheese and apple sandwich!

Mozzarella – Basil

Creamy mozzarella is seen countless times with basil – but that’s because it can’t be beaten. Pasta, chicken, pizza, tart, you name it, these two ingredients lift any dish. We even have a pot of basil growing on our kitchen windowsill because we can’t get enough of it with our mozzarella.

Goats – Caramelised onion

A sweet and salty duo to die for. Whether in a sandwich, a salad, or tart, goats cheese is raised to new heights with this sweet, golden accompaniment.

cheeseboard platter

‘The Cheeseboard’ platter and knife by Clare Mackie

Feta – Watermelon

Feta and watermelon are two simple ingredients but together, they make something magical. Keep it simple in a salad with some mint.

Halloumi – Spice

Whilst we do love a halloumi kebab or salad, there’s something special about spicy, fragrant dishes which use halloumi. Try harissa spiced halloumi, or a cheesy Indian curry.

Brie – Cranberry

Brie and cranberry just screams out Christmas. It’s an unbeatable combination that takes us to times of festivity. The sweet and creamy combination is to die for when in a filo pastry tart or twist.

Camembert – Garlic

Camembert is amazing simply baked (check out our camembert baking dish if you’re also a fan!). But with garlic it is truly sensational. Try it in garlicy pasta dishes, garlicy vegetable soups or simply bake it and serve with crusty bread and slow roasted garlic.

Stilton – Beef

If you can see past the fact that stilton is blue, mouldy cheese (ew!), it can really add great flavour to your food. Stilton adds a rich salty flavour to beef recipes. Be it steak, pie, or a burger, it makes for a great sauce or topping.

Love Cake?…Get Baking!

We love cakes, cupcakes and if there’s chocolate involved…even better!
So we thought it a good idea to recommend Cake-Craft magazine for ideas , recipes, decorating tips and lots more.
Click on the image to visit their website…..Happy Baking!

Where Art Meets Fruit

We’re delighted to launch the amazing new range of Wireworks kitchen containers, fruit bowls and presentation platters.
Everyone in the office loves their new ‘Oblique’ fruit bowls.
Wireworks are fast becoming a cult brand renowned for their great designs that combine natural materials with sleek contemporary style.
Their range can be seen in Ziggiziggis’ New Arrivals

Natural Sea Salt – Taste The Difference!


There’s a world of difference between the refined, processed salt sold in supermarkets and natural sea salt.
Whilst natural sea salt has trace elements and minerals,  regular table salt has virtually all these minerals removed during the refining and bleaching process. So not only is sea salt naturally healthier for you, it’s wonderful in cooking and has a better flavour too
Why not try it and see the difference for yourself?
If you agree put it in one of our beautiful natural wood Flo Grinders made by Wireworks (they’re also ideal for grinding pepper or spices)


Are you a cheese lover?

If you love cheese, we’ve loads of great products to make the most of it
We’ve got funky cheese graters, camembert bakers, French style cheese plates and slate trays they’re the perfect way to serve cheese in style
…….and they make a great gift too!

To see them simply click on these links: Funky cheese graters ,   Slate Trays ,   Cheese plates