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November 2020
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Ziggiziggi’s 6 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

The time of year has come where we all start thinking about how to improve ourselves for the new year. But at Ziggiziggi we think it would be much more useful to try out some new things with your home. Why? Because focusing on design projects is a great way to have fun, spend time with the family, work on creating your dream home – and let’s face it, who has ever stuck to a new year diet past February?

Happy New Year from Ziggiziggi!

Happy New Year from Ziggiziggi!

So here are our 6 easy resolutions that you can make and have fun carrying out over the next year.

1)      De-clutter

Who says a spring clean has to wait until spring time? Start off the new year by rifling through those wardrobes, cupboards and shelves, getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

2)      Grow a herb garden

A few potted herbs on the windowsill give the impression that you don’t mess around when it comes to cooking. Fresh herbs taste great and are a cheap and almost effortless way to add some colour to your kitchen.

3)      Make a feature of your recipe books

One can never have too many recipe books, so why not treat yourself to that new recipe book that you secretly wanted for Christmas? And with a stylish Ziggiziggi shelving unit, you can proudly display all of your recipe books rather than hiding them away in the cupboard.

4)      Buy one special feature piece to spruce up a room

You can easily transform your home without having to redo the wallpaper or replace the carpet. All it takes to change up your living or dining room is one large statement piece. Ziggiziggi clocks, picture frames and vases are great for adding character and creating a statement. Who needs an interior designer when it’s that easy?

5)      Play with patterns

Want to revamp your home without having to paint or wallpaper the walls? Play around with new patterns by getting something as simple as a new shower curtain to re-style your bathroom. Or perhaps some patterned cushions to change the tone of your living room? This way, you can experiment and play around until you find the patterns you like.

6)      Treat yourself!

At Ziggiziggi we want to make your home a haven of relaxation, so it’s important to take a break from home design and treat yourself to something luxurious. From candles to bath oils, you can find your perfect treat from Ziggiziggi.


So there we have it. Give some of these resolutions a go and have a great year ahead.

Happy new year from the Ziggiziggi team


Pumpkins are a thing of the Past… How to Style your Home this Halloween

The leaves have finally turned golden and crisp. There’s a chill in the air. There are pumpkins all around. And that can only mean one thing… Halloween is almost here!

Forgetting the ghosts and ghouls and goblins, the onset of Halloween has given us some great inspiration for some home design ideas.

Belvedere Floorstanding Candelabra

Belvedere Floorstanding Candelabra

Our candelabra collection by Fink can add some spooky yet stylish luxury to your living room or hallway. Candelabras aren’t just something to be found in a spooky mansion. These silver plated accessories create a vintage chic feel for your home and are a unique talking-piece. Whilst the candlelight gives warmth, the stylish silver design brings contemporary, designer luxury.

They’re not just an accessory which is apt for Halloween, but for style all year round.

Check the collection out HERE.

Why your Herbs really are the Secret Ingredient

The Herby Brothers herb chopper isn’t just an adorable addition to your kitchen, but could be the key to a better life.

Herby brothers herb chopper

Herby brothers herb chopper

According to Best Health Magazine, the simple addition of a few herbs to our meals can give us 5 key health benefits.

1. The chemicals in ROSEMARY have been linked to faster and  more accurate cognitive performance.

2.  The chemical apigenin, found in PARSLEY, has been proven to prevent the growth of cancerous tumours in the body.

3. PEPPERMINT has been found to sooth the stomach.

4. The active ingredient in OREGANO can reduce inflammation in the body.

5. THYME is a definite superherb, containing antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.

Thanks Best Health – you’ve enlightened us!

So how can we add more herbs to our diet?

To start, we find the easiest way to cook with more fresh herbs is to grow them yourself. For only a few pounds, grab yourself a herb pot which can sit on your kitchen windowsill and then you’ll never be short of herbs again! Or if you’re not the keenest gardener, then dried herbs can also do the trick and can stay in your cupboard for months.

Salad. We find that a sprinkle of herbs can go a long way in your salad, upping not just the nutritional content but the flavour.

Juice. If you’re into making juice, why not throw some herbs in. A healthy green juice can be made even better with a sprig of parsley or whatever herbs you fancy.

Ice cubes. Freezing your herbs in ice cubes is a great way to preserve them and they can be easily added when making a sauce or stew or soup.

Butter. Mixing herbs in with butter is a delicious way to add flavour and nutrition to your meals. Just rub the herb butter onto chicken or fish and you’ve got an easy, scrummy meal.

Tabbouleh - one of our favourite herby salads (Photo courtesy of

Tabbouleh – one of our favourite herby salads
(Photo courtesy of

So go and get creative with your herbs! And let us know your favourite herby recipes, tips or tricks.

And check out the Herby Brothers herb chopper HERE if you haven’t already, for quick and easy chopped herbs.

Don’t waste hours in front of the mirror… life hacks for a speedy beauty regime

Our Stargaze Colour Changing LED Mirror is a breath taking feature for any bathroom. We wouldn’t be surprised if you took your time to get ready in the mornings whilst enjoying the mesmerising colours of this luxury mirror. In fact, whatever the mirror, women have a habit of taking too long to get ready.


Stargaze Colour Changing LED Mirror

Stargaze Colour Changing LED Mirror

Unfortunately, women are constantly victim to criticism from their other halves for this weakness. But who can blame a girl for wanting to take her time to get ready at a leisurely pace in front of the bathroom mirror? If you’re reading this and instantly identify with the daily struggle of taking too long to get ready, then we’ve got some nifty time-saving tips for you.


1.    Lipstick problems

Avoid painstakingly lining your lips and filling them in perfectly with lipstick. We all know the struggle. Going over the liner and looking like you’ve turned into a duck, wiping it off and starting over, and repeating the process all over again. Avoid this struggle by switching to a lip gloss. A swipe of the stuff can instantly give you fuller lips and it can even be applied while you’re on the move!


2.    Eyelash trick

False lashes can be great when you’ve got hours to spare, but who’s got time for that in the mornings? Try this equally effective trick to lengthen your lashes: apply a layer of mascara, apply talc to the lashes, and then apply a second layer of mascara over the top. Works every time for thick, long lashes.


3.    The perfect flick

Eye liner flicks can be the bane of your life when you get one eye right and then can’t seem to get the other to match. Try marking the points where you want your flicks to end and then draw on the eye liner up to the points. This way you’re guaranteed two matching flicks.


4.    Forget the toner

Toners and moisturisers simply lead to time being wasted as you wait for your face to dry. Try using a face wash which will leave your skin cleansed and replenished and once washed off you can dry your face with a towel rather than waiting for your moisturiser/toner to dry for what seems like an age.


5.    Ditch the foundation

Foundation tends to be thick and difficult, taking time to blend evenly into the skin. Try a tinted moisturiser or simply a concealer and bronzer to save you time getting that flawless complexion.


So there we have it. Some beauty hacks to stop you spending hours getting ready in front of the mirror. But of course, if you have the time, then spend as long as you like because our mirrors really are stunning and deserve to be used for hours!


This article is featured on the Stargaze mirror product page – CLICK HERE to check it out.


Our Favourite Cheese Combos

Our Clare Mackie cheese platter can create the perfect finishing touch for any dinner party, so inspired by our ‘The Cheese Board’ platter and knife, we’ve decided to write an article celebrating cheese. If the thought of cheese, biscuits, fruits, and chutneys makes you feel all gooey inside, then you’ll probably want to read this. For the real cheesy fans out there, cheeseboards are only the beginning. There are endless ways to enjoy our creamy, salty, tangy, delicious, melty, gooey, crumbly, dairy friend (okay, we like cheese). So read on for our top cheesy combos – all of which can be found on the product page for the Clare Mackie cheese platter and knife – click HERE to have a look.


Cheddar – Apple

Cheddar and apple are a timeless pair seen on many a cheeseboard. But if you’re a little adventurous, you can try it out in quirky recipes such as a grilled cheese and apple sandwich!

Mozzarella – Basil

Creamy mozzarella is seen countless times with basil – but that’s because it can’t be beaten. Pasta, chicken, pizza, tart, you name it, these two ingredients lift any dish. We even have a pot of basil growing on our kitchen windowsill because we can’t get enough of it with our mozzarella.

Goats – Caramelised onion

A sweet and salty duo to die for. Whether in a sandwich, a salad, or tart, goats cheese is raised to new heights with this sweet, golden accompaniment.

cheeseboard platter

‘The Cheeseboard’ platter and knife by Clare Mackie

Feta – Watermelon

Feta and watermelon are two simple ingredients but together, they make something magical. Keep it simple in a salad with some mint.

Halloumi – Spice

Whilst we do love a halloumi kebab or salad, there’s something special about spicy, fragrant dishes which use halloumi. Try harissa spiced halloumi, or a cheesy Indian curry.

Brie – Cranberry

Brie and cranberry just screams out Christmas. It’s an unbeatable combination that takes us to times of festivity. The sweet and creamy combination is to die for when in a filo pastry tart or twist.

Camembert – Garlic

Camembert is amazing simply baked (check out our camembert baking dish if you’re also a fan!). But with garlic it is truly sensational. Try it in garlicy pasta dishes, garlicy vegetable soups or simply bake it and serve with crusty bread and slow roasted garlic.

Stilton – Beef

If you can see past the fact that stilton is blue, mouldy cheese (ew!), it can really add great flavour to your food. Stilton adds a rich salty flavour to beef recipes. Be it steak, pie, or a burger, it makes for a great sauce or topping.

Not On The Sunday Times Rich List?

Style Your Bathroom like a Millionaire

Did you get a look at last weekend’s Sunday Times Rich List? Don’t let it get you down, because in fact, if you earn an annual net income of £25,300 or more, you are in the top 1% of earners in the world! Well who says we can’t all live like millionaires too?!

So why not style your bathroom like a millionaire this Spring season with a bit of help from Ziggiziggi.

For true opulence, we recommend going to our Swarovski range. The frosted glass, bejewelled soap dispenser is one not to be missed. As are the tumbler holder and wall fitted toilet brush. In fact, check out the whole Swarovski range here:

If the luxury Rich List style is what you’re all about, then you might not be able to resist our most expensive, high quality product. The Glow Backlit Mirror adds light and ambience to your bathroom, with subtle curves and soft lighting which is sensor activated. At £495.00 this bathroom accessory is a guaranteed talking piece and will wow your friends and family with its simplicity and sophistication.

So why not give the luxurious lifestyle a go? At Ziggiziggi we offer products to suit all tastes and will happily advise you if you have some styling questions.

Swarovski bathroom collection


Swarovski Soap dispenser ––Lotion-Dispenser

Swarovski Tumbler holder –

Swarovski Toilet brush –

Glow Backlit mirror –

Design your bathroom for Spring 2015 for under £100!

According to Pantone, in Spring 2015 we’re going to see a move towards softer colours and subtle warm tones.  (see

fontana shower curtain


Therefore, we’ve tried our hand at designing our perfect bathroom using soft turquoise tones. If you follow our guide, you can have your bathroom styled on trend for under £100!

Firstly, we’ve chosen our Fontana shower curtain with an abstract turquoise leaf design. The shower curtain makes a bold statement and for £7.95 reduced from £14.50 it’s a bargain! Our bathroom is centred on this curtain which can be tied into the rest of the room with matching turquoise and white accessories.

If accessorising your bathroom on a budget, the Confetti collection gives you elegant, sleek accessories at a very reasonable price. Coordinate the white round soap dispenser and pedal bin with the turquoise round toothbrush tumbler and rectangular storage basket. These four confetti accessories altogether cost just £60.45.

Add on some essentials such as the stainless steel Milano toilet brush for £9.50, the Gecko Suction Toilet Roll Holder in stainless steel for £8.98 and our Slimline ‘frosted edge’ bathroom mirror in square shape for £8.50 and you have yourself a sleek, stylish bathroom.

And all of that will set you back just £95.38!!!

Why not treat yourself to a £4.50 handmade Heyland & Whittle ‘Queen of the Nile’ soap heart and you’ll still have change from £100!

All products can be found on Ziggiziggi under the Bathroom Accessories category.

Got A Smelly Kitchen?

ziggiziggi natures friend candle


Kitchens have a tendency to  get a bit smelly – Anything from the ingredients you cook with to an overstuffed bin can cause that stink.
Sounds familiar?
If it does we’d recommend trying one of our ‘Natures Friend’ scented candles. We’ve tried them at home and love them.
Not only do they help get rid of smells, they leave your kitchen with a lovely fresh scent.

Supplied in a handy tin with lid to keep them fresh, they come  in 3 natural fragrances that will burn for up to 35 hours.
That’s a lot of bad smells you can get rid of!


We’d recommend Paypal Here!

paypal here

As we regularly get customers turning up to our offices we looked into different card payment machines and decided on the ‘Paypal Here’ machine – a stand alone chip and pin terminal that allows anyone to accept debit and credit card payments simply by connecting to a mobile device such as a smartphone.
Now why would I recommend this? Simple….Great customer service.
I was having trouble setting up the device so I called Paypals’ helpline and spoke to a lovely girl who was patient , friendly and guided me through everything needed to set up the device and she stayed on the line until it was sorted and working correctly.
It’s particularly  suited to anyone in a business on the move looking to take card payments…plumbers, mobile catering, hairdressers etc and we’d recommend it based on the ease of setup, the fact that there are no monthly charges and some excellent customer service!


Blue… What It Says About You?

blueSo we’ve already told you what the colour red says about you, so it’s only right that we mention the second most popular colour in home décor… blue.

Although it’s the second most popular colour in the home a survey by Dulux paint found that 42% of males and 30% of females in the world cited blue as their favourite colour as well as it being favoured in most cultures. Could this be down to the fact blue is all around us… or should I say above us in the skies.

Every wondered why blue is such popular worldwide? If not don’t bother reading on…

It is suggested that blue is a colour which is chosen to represent freedom and new beginnings which is why many countries use the colour in their flags. You only have to look up into the sky to see the why it is aesthetically pleasing to many people. Lie on your back and look up into the clear blue skies (if you’re in London you probably won’t see clear skies, probably why everyone is so grumpy down here and obviously not whilst sat at your desktop) and straight away you feel free and all the worries you have suddenly drift away.

Blue is usually associated with sadness but when used to decorate your home it can massively influence your mood and bring a sense of calmn to your life in such a hectic world.

When looking at yourself and why you chose blue it may be because you possess the following traits:
• Reliability
• Trustworthiness
• Loyal companion/partner
• Conservative
• Confident
• Peace
• Harmony

Disagree? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think…

Feeling stressed? add a blue accent to your home and give it a fresh makeover with our calming blue accessories!!