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October 2020
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Tips & Ideas

Check Out Our New Range of Bathroom Accessories by Nova

We are always on the lookout for new products to add to our website, and we get super excited whenever we discover new gems.

Our latest find, and newest addition to our website, is the Nova range by Zone of Denmark.

Our Nova range includes soap dispensers, tumblers, pedal bins and toilet brushes. These products have a Nordic style, with clean lines and an elegant design.

Nova Range by Zone of Denmark

Nova Range by Zone of Denmark

The vision of Danish designer Thomas Dudzinsk, these products have been designed with rounded bases and soft-touch surfaces to create a sleek, sculptural look. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a new lease of life, these products are the perfect solution to modernising your bathroom without breaking the bank.

These products only come in black and grey tones so are the perfect match to any bathroom (or even any kitchen and utility room as well if you really love them!)

You can find the new collection of Nova accessories by clicking HERE.

And to explore our whole collection of products by Zone of Denmark, click HERE



Make Your Toilet Your Throne

A person’s toilet should be their throne. With our ‘The Throne’ lidstick, you can make it just that.

'The Throne' lidstick

‘The Throne’ lidstick – available for £13.95 – click HERE to view on our website

To see if you enjoy your toilet like a king/queen, tick off how many of the below apply to you…

1) You have a magazine next to your loo

2) You have a selection of magazines next to your loo

3) You have a magazine RACK next to your loo

4) You keep scented candles in your bathroom

5) You have some interesting artwork in your bathroom to admire during your number 2s

6) You have a pair of monogrammed hand towels

7) You have a fluffy rug – or better yet, a bamboo duckboard – to rest your feet on

8) You’ve invested in some Poo-Pourri (one of the best products ever! Find out more about it on

9) You have atmospheric lighting in your bathroom

10) You have our funky ‘The Throne’ lidstick on your toilet seat!


If you’ve ticked off any less than 5, then that simply is not good enough! You’d better get working on making your toilet your throne.

If you’ve ticked off 5 of more, then congratulations. Enjoy experiencing ultimate luxury when you are resting on your throne.

How to Become Storage-Savvy with Ziggiziggi

We all have an idea of our dream home. Be it an upmarket penthouse or a mansion in the countryside, they all tend to have one thing in common – size.

We’d all love to simply have more space. Especially at this time of year, when we seem to accumulate endless miscellaneous objects from beach balls, to wedding favours, and random travel mementos. Having a giant home with plenty of storage would be ideal, but unfortunately it isn’t a reality for most of us.

That’s where Ziggiziggi comes in. With our featured products below, you can make your home feel more spacious and turn it into a haven of organised tidiness.

1) Mirrors

Mirrors not only make a room look double the size, but they can also make a room look larger by doubling up as a shelf or a cabinet to rid of your clutter.

We have a selection of bathroom mirrors that also double up as shelves.

For a contemporary style, go for the new Bevel Edge  Mirror & Shelf – click HERE to view on our website.

For a more natural style, try the Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf – click HERE to view on our website.

Bevel Edge  Mirror & Shelf

Bevel Edge Mirror & Shelf

Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf

Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf

2) Style up your cabinets

Get yourself a stylish cabinet and you’ll be desperate to fill it up!

Try our Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710 cabinet, which also doubles up as a mirror – click HERE to view on our website.

Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710

Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710

3) Quirky storage jars

Storage jars add character to a room and are great for holding your bits and bobs. For the kitchen, our storage jars and canisters are great for storing biscuits, utensils, tea bags, or whatever you fancy.

Try our red Wesco classic cookie box to add a splash of colour – click HERE to view on our website.

Wesco classic cookie box - red

Wesco classic cookie box

And there we have it. 3 nifty tips to rid of clutter and make your home feel a little bit more spacious.

World’s Best Granola

Our digital marketing assistant, Lydia Aaronson, has cooked up a delicious batch of homemade granola which we simply love.
It’s sweet, nutty, healthy, and looks fabulous in our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar!
Take a look:

Lydia's Granola in our Glass Storage Jar

Lydia’s Granola in our Glass Storage Jar

The ingredients that Lydia used were:

2 parts oats
1 part spelt flakes
1 part brown rice flakes
1 part mixed nuts and seeds of your choice (this granola contains pecans, hazelnuts, flaked almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
1/2 part melted coconut oil
1/2 part maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of salt
Handful of dried cranberries (or dried fruit of your choice)

To make the granola, simply mix up all the ingredients (apart from the dried fruit), bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 mins, mixing the granola halfway. Leave to cool and then add the dried fruit at the end.

It's hard to resist sneaking a taste whilst the granola is cooling down!

It’s hard to resist sneaking a taste whilst the granola is cooling down!

This recipe is so easy and is one of the best granolas that we have eaten. It makes for a really delicious breakfast or snack. It is also packed full of fibre, and low on saturated fat, salt and sugar. Lydia recommends pairing with some natural yoghurt and topping with berries.

Lydia's granola topped with berries. We promise there is some yoghurt hiding under there too!

Lydia’s granola topped with berries. We promise there is some yoghurt hiding under there too!

The best part of all is how pretty the granola looks in our storage jar. It is the perfect homely touch to any kitchen.

If you’d like to make your own version of Lydia’s granola, click on this LINK to our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar, which  looks fab when filled with the granola.

Our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar is excellent value at only £7.50!

Our Embossed Heart Glass Storage Jar is excellent value at only £7.50!


Be a Tourist at Home

The summer weather has certainly arrived in Britain and it is well and truly glorious. What better way to enjoy the warmth and sunshine than spending a weekend, or even a whole holiday, in the British countryside?
Areas such as Devon and Cornwall are stunningly beautiful and should be as much of a holiday destination as Spain and Greece.

Our digital marketing assistant recently paid a visit to North Devon’s Watersmeet, a beautiful river gorge in a dramatic woodland setting. The photos do not do this place justice.

Watersmeet House

Watersmeet House



Watersmeet is just one picturesque holiday destination out of thousands in the UK.

Whilst many people’s first holiday choice would be to go abroad, there is so much to see and do on our doorsteps. There are so many breathtaking parts of Britain that many people do not even know exist. So get exploring because there is so much to discover!

Our office has stunning views of the English countryside and just makes us realise how beautiful Britain can be.

The View from the Ziggiziggi Office

The View from the Ziggiziggi Office

A holiday in Britain can save you money and also supports your economy at home. It can also be just as much fun as any holiday abroad.
So get out there and enjoy a lovely British summer!

Spring Pastels

Pantone colours of the year for 2016 are Rose Quartz – a pale, chalky pink – and Serenity – a tranquil blue.  

Rose Quartz and Serenity
(Courtesy of

Although these colours have been named as on trend for 2016, we think that they are ideal for Spring 2016 as they are so calm and serene.

The tranquillity of these colours makes them perfect for a peaceful meal in the Spring sunshine, as they create a warm, calming ambience.

These two colours are great to bring into the dining room for lazy brunches, afternoon teas, and light Spring dinners.


Try our LSA Polka Pastel coloured wine glasses (4 for £29.95).

LSA Polka Pastel Wine Glasses

LSA Polka Pastel Coloured Wine Glasses

LSA is great for this trend, as their Mimi vases also add beautiful pastel hues to the dining table (£10 each).


LSA Mimi Vase – Pink

LSA Mini Vase - Blue

LSA Mini Vase – Blue

Our Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray also combines Rose Quartz and Serenity, and is the perfect addition to any Springtime picnic or afternoon tea (£7.50).

Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray

Vintage Union Jack handled tea tray


Give these pastel colours a go this Spring!






LSA Polka pastel coloured wine glasses (4), £29.95

Hot Trends for Hotel Interiors

Our Creative Director, Pamela Aaronson, has given us an exclusive insight into the world of hotels, revealing what’s on trend in hotel interior design right now.

We wouldn't mind a hotel break here! Courtesy of

We wouldn’t mind a hotel break here!
(Courtesy of

Giving us an inside look into the world of hotel design, Pamela has picked 6 top trends for 2016…

1) Nature
One important interior design trend for Hotels for 2016 is bringing nature inside, with the emphasis moving to natural materials such as stone accents, wood features and decorative plants; there has even been a rise in indoor ponds and waterfalls. Another way to blur the line between outside and inside is using floor-to-ceiling windows and large balconies. Floral patterned fabrics are also becoming increasingly popular and featuring in many textile ranges.

Add a subtle touch of nature with a bamboo bath mat

Add a subtle touch of nature with a bamboo bath mat

2) Texture and Colour
The mixing and matching of fabrics with contrasting textures is very current. For example, mixing faux fur with suede or velvet creates depths of texture.
The naturalistic design trend is cropping up again but this time with the ‘Nature Luxe’ theme – the combination of nature and metallics. This uses fabrics such as skins and hides and craft textures like knitted, woven and braided textiles and mixing them with metal to create a natural and luxurious design.

3) Authenticity with bespoke furniture
Hotels have become less of a temporary shelter for guests, whilst they explore new and exciting destinations, and more of a new and exciting destination in themselves. The shift in the way hotels are being chosen and used by customers has led to the need to make them stand out. A faceless room without personality will not give them the needed nudge to pick a hotel. How do you inject this personality into your hotel? As well as many other techniques, bespoke personalised furniture and interiors.

4) Rose Quartz and Serenity
Global colour authority Pantone surprised the design community by naming not one but two colours for the 2016 edition of its Colour of the Year forecast. The pastel pink Rose Quartz and powder blue Serenity may seem like a sugary sweet selection but according to Pantone, the pairing is in fact part of a more unilateral approach to colour—a commentary on the current societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity.
Following Pantone’s prediction, British wallpaper brand Graham & Brown’s 2016 forecast was full of dusty pinks and pale blues enlivened with warm metallic accents.

5) Warm metals
Particularly effective in the bathroom and kitchen space, rose gold, brass, copper and gold will continue to dominate in 2016. Golds and brass tones warm up a space, and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room. Using a few well-chosen pieces as accents helps to create an up market ambience in a room. According to London-based interior designer, Gemma Gordon-Duff of Gordon–Duff & Linton, it helps to pair these tones with raw, natural materials such as marble and wood. “Good quality materials like this are a great investment because they will never go out of style,” she advises.

Luxury Bathroom Collection

Luxury Bathroom Collection

6) 70’s Vibes
1970s-inspired furnishings are set to make a comeback in 2016 according to New York-based hospitality designer and entrepreneur Stacy Garcia. “The relaxed, free-spirited nature of that era has been attractive to the fashion industry and has quickly moved towards interiors as well. Many design elements of the 70s were bold, raw and globally-fuelled, as a response to the changing social and political environment of that time.”
Fabrics, furnishings and decorative items are incorporating updated 70’s flair, with revivals of Eames designs, and other 70’s staples such as Parker Knoll and Ercol having a revival on the high street.


Next time you check in to a hotel, try and spot some of these interior design features!


Hopefully these trends can also inspire your interior design choices in your home this year.


Lime – Our Sister Website

Dripping or leaking tap?

If you’ve got a broken or leaking tap, visit our sister website Limekitchenandbathroom. It’s a specialist bathroom and kitchen retailer offering a vast array of spare parts, replacement valves, fixings, fittings and much more to fix most kitchen and bathroom taps.
With a friendly  expert  team to help, they can supply the parts needed to fix  your taps quickly, easily and for  fraction of the cost of a new tap!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This Chinese New Year, we can’t stop thinking about a dreamy mug of Chinese jasmine tea.

That’s why we’re featuring our set of 2 Stoneware Mugs as today’s featured product.

For only £12.50, these co-ordinating black and neutral coloured mugs are decorated with a contemporary tree design with a trendy, oriental style.

They are simply perfect if you fancy sipping down some tea this Chinese New Year.

In fact, when we were doing our research, we found out some pretty cool facts about Chinese jasmine tea…

  • Did you know that during the Song Dynasty, Jasmine tea was mainly reserved for royalty?
  • Jasmine tea reduces risk of heart attack and lowers cholesterol
  • Jasmine tea can prevent diabetes and cancer
  • Jasmine tea can ease joint and muscle pain
  • Jasmine tea is proven to reduce stress!

So de-stress this Chinese New Year, with some hot Chinese jasmine tea in a trendy new mug.

Set of 2 Stoneware mugs. By Galzone of Denmark

Set of 2 Stoneware mugs.
By Galzone of Denmark

Buy them HERE.

Ziggiziggi’s Pick for this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is almost here… and what better way to spend the day than sipping on a champagne cocktail with your other half?!

That’s why our featured product for this Valentines is our set of 2 Halo Crystal Champagne Flutes, for just £28.

They come presented in a gift box so are the perfect treat to give to your loved one this February 14th.

For a simple but tasty cocktail, try scooping your favourite sorbet into the champagne flute, pour over champagne, stir… and enjoy with your loved one this Valentines Day!

Get them HERE

Or take a look at our Valentines collection HERE for more romantic gifts.

Halo Champagne Flute

Halo Champagne Flute