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October 2021
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How to Become Storage-Savvy with Ziggiziggi

We all have an idea of our dream home. Be it an upmarket penthouse or a mansion in the countryside, they all tend to have one thing in common – size.

We’d all love to simply have more space. Especially at this time of year, when we seem to accumulate endless miscellaneous objects from beach balls, to wedding favours, and random travel mementos. Having a giant home with plenty of storage would be ideal, but unfortunately it isn’t a reality for most of us.

That’s where Ziggiziggi comes in. With our featured products below, you can make your home feel more spacious and turn it into a haven of organised tidiness.

1) Mirrors

Mirrors not only make a room look double the size, but they can also make a room look larger by doubling up as a shelf or a cabinet to rid of your clutter.

We have a selection of bathroom mirrors that also double up as shelves.

For a contemporary style, go for the new Bevel Edge  Mirror & Shelf – click HERE to view on our website.

For a more natural style, try the Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf – click HERE to view on our website.

Bevel Edge  Mirror & Shelf

Bevel Edge Mirror & Shelf

Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf

Arena Bamboo Square Mirror Shelf

2) Style up your cabinets

Get yourself a stylish cabinet and you’ll be desperate to fill it up!

Try our Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710 cabinet, which also doubles up as a mirror – click HERE to view on our website.

Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710

Dark Oak Domain Revolve 710

3) Quirky storage jars

Storage jars add character to a room and are great for holding your bits and bobs. For the kitchen, our storage jars and canisters are great for storing biscuits, utensils, tea bags, or whatever you fancy.

Try our red Wesco classic cookie box to add a splash of colour – click HERE to view on our website.

Wesco classic cookie box - red

Wesco classic cookie box

And there we have it. 3 nifty tips to rid of clutter and make your home feel a little bit more spacious.

Hot Trends for Hotel Interiors

Our Creative Director, Pamela Aaronson, has given us an exclusive insight into the world of hotels, revealing what’s on trend in hotel interior design right now.

We wouldn't mind a hotel break here! Courtesy of

We wouldn’t mind a hotel break here!
(Courtesy of

Giving us an inside look into the world of hotel design, Pamela has picked 6 top trends for 2016…

1) Nature
One important interior design trend for Hotels for 2016 is bringing nature inside, with the emphasis moving to natural materials such as stone accents, wood features and decorative plants; there has even been a rise in indoor ponds and waterfalls. Another way to blur the line between outside and inside is using floor-to-ceiling windows and large balconies. Floral patterned fabrics are also becoming increasingly popular and featuring in many textile ranges.

Add a subtle touch of nature with a bamboo bath mat

Add a subtle touch of nature with a bamboo bath mat

2) Texture and Colour
The mixing and matching of fabrics with contrasting textures is very current. For example, mixing faux fur with suede or velvet creates depths of texture.
The naturalistic design trend is cropping up again but this time with the ‘Nature Luxe’ theme – the combination of nature and metallics. This uses fabrics such as skins and hides and craft textures like knitted, woven and braided textiles and mixing them with metal to create a natural and luxurious design.

3) Authenticity with bespoke furniture
Hotels have become less of a temporary shelter for guests, whilst they explore new and exciting destinations, and more of a new and exciting destination in themselves. The shift in the way hotels are being chosen and used by customers has led to the need to make them stand out. A faceless room without personality will not give them the needed nudge to pick a hotel. How do you inject this personality into your hotel? As well as many other techniques, bespoke personalised furniture and interiors.

4) Rose Quartz and Serenity
Global colour authority Pantone surprised the design community by naming not one but two colours for the 2016 edition of its Colour of the Year forecast. The pastel pink Rose Quartz and powder blue Serenity may seem like a sugary sweet selection but according to Pantone, the pairing is in fact part of a more unilateral approach to colour—a commentary on the current societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity.
Following Pantone’s prediction, British wallpaper brand Graham & Brown’s 2016 forecast was full of dusty pinks and pale blues enlivened with warm metallic accents.

5) Warm metals
Particularly effective in the bathroom and kitchen space, rose gold, brass, copper and gold will continue to dominate in 2016. Golds and brass tones warm up a space, and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room. Using a few well-chosen pieces as accents helps to create an up market ambience in a room. According to London-based interior designer, Gemma Gordon-Duff of Gordon–Duff & Linton, it helps to pair these tones with raw, natural materials such as marble and wood. “Good quality materials like this are a great investment because they will never go out of style,” she advises.

Luxury Bathroom Collection

Luxury Bathroom Collection

6) 70’s Vibes
1970s-inspired furnishings are set to make a comeback in 2016 according to New York-based hospitality designer and entrepreneur Stacy Garcia. “The relaxed, free-spirited nature of that era has been attractive to the fashion industry and has quickly moved towards interiors as well. Many design elements of the 70s were bold, raw and globally-fuelled, as a response to the changing social and political environment of that time.”
Fabrics, furnishings and decorative items are incorporating updated 70’s flair, with revivals of Eames designs, and other 70’s staples such as Parker Knoll and Ercol having a revival on the high street.


Next time you check in to a hotel, try and spot some of these interior design features!


Hopefully these trends can also inspire your interior design choices in your home this year.


Great Discounts on Koziol Home Accessories


We’ve cut prices by up to 40% on Koziol home accessories. Click Here to grab a bargain while stocks last

Pumpkins are a thing of the Past… How to Style your Home this Halloween

The leaves have finally turned golden and crisp. There’s a chill in the air. There are pumpkins all around. And that can only mean one thing… Halloween is almost here!

Forgetting the ghosts and ghouls and goblins, the onset of Halloween has given us some great inspiration for some home design ideas.

Belvedere Floorstanding Candelabra

Belvedere Floorstanding Candelabra

Our candelabra collection by Fink can add some spooky yet stylish luxury to your living room or hallway. Candelabras aren’t just something to be found in a spooky mansion. These silver plated accessories create a vintage chic feel for your home and are a unique talking-piece. Whilst the candlelight gives warmth, the stylish silver design brings contemporary, designer luxury.

They’re not just an accessory which is apt for Halloween, but for style all year round.

Check the collection out HERE.

Luxury Home Design with a Contemporary Twist

luxury candelabras


When thinking about luxury home design, images of vintage furniture that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Downton Abbey often spring to mind. However, with our huge range of products, it is possible to bring designer home accessories into your home with a funky, contemporary edge.
Take our floor standing candelabras for example. You might think that something like this belongs in a cold stately home, but our range of designer silver plated candelabras gives every modern home that luxury feel. Butler not included.
But why stop there? From kitchen accessories including our bold range of storage canisters and boxes, and dish racks that will liven up any washing up job, to our shower accessories that will bring a cool, chic look to your bathroom, we have designer home accessories for every room in the house.
The idea of luxury home design is very subjective. We’re passionate about our products, and strive to bring that designer feel to every home. Our products cover every finish imaginable to suit every taste, from cool metals and warm woods, to bright, funky colours and chic, subtle neutrals. We’ve got something for everyone.
We haven’t forgotten the kids either. We have a whole range of products dedicated to your little pride and joys. Any aspiring designers will surely appreciate our bright, fun range of toys, as well as our range of designer accessories to bring luxury to the kid’s bedroom.
We’re sure that you’ll find a whole range of must haves on our site. Now all you need is somewhere to keep them all, and we’ve got that covered as well. We have an assortment of contemporary storage solutions, from our floor standing features to our wall mounted shelving, which will show off your ultrachic, designer home accessories without taking away from the newly-found extravagant feeling of your home.


Grab an IVV bargain

To those in the know, IVV are one of the finest glassware designers in Italy.
And as we’ve just reduced prices, you can grab a bargain on our whole range of IVV handcrafted products including vases, platters and dishes.
Stocks are limited…To see their products click on this link: IVV Glassware, practical and we love them!

Fancy this giant floor standing vase?

Floor standing vases make a real statement so Pamela has chosen a great new range of hand made giant glass vases by Pacific Lifestyle.
With prices starting from £40 they are a brilliant way to make a designer statement!Giant orange floor vase